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Low Cost Web Sites and Computer Repair in Chicago!
Small business web sites up to 5 pages for $1000
- includes Graphics and SEO -

We primarily offer low cost unique professional small business web sites in Chicago, including graphics and SEO optimization. We also fix computers and laptops in Chicago.

Support for Windows XP and Office 2003 ends on April 8, 2014. Click here for details of our computer upgrade special and why you should upgrade.

Small business web sites created by us are are hand coded, and are designed content wise and graphically especially to market your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes into the design of your web from the beginning, not as an after-thought. We do not use pre-designed templates and simply plug in your company's information - which is what other low cost web site designers or online site generators give you.

Our small business web site full standard package is $1000 for a site up to 5 pages, including graphics and SEO optimization.

The need for more than 5 pages depends on your business and what service(s) you offer, or what you market, and how much you want to spend on your site. Websites larger than 5 pages are quoted case by case. If your business only needs one page, contact us. After we discuss your needs, we can estimate our time and then give you a fair quote.

Determination of number of pages, extras, and pricing is made when we give you our verbal quote. If we are agreeable, then we provide a written quote. We require a signed contract, and a deposit, before we begin work on your site.

Graphics include creating a custom background, web buttons, and image resizing/optimizing. We charge extra for animations, we do .gif and .swf animations. Prices for animations are quoted as needed.

We also include creation of a sitemap and submission to Google and other search engines, and we place a search engine friendly robots.txt file in your site.

We code to W3C Standards, which has several advantages for your web site.  Click here for information on using valid code and why it is important that your web pages validate.

We do all sorts of Flash, graphic art, logos, scripting, databases, shopping carts, online appointment pages and other dynamic sites. Contact us for pricing. These items are not included in our $1000 small business standard full package, they are extra.

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We can also provide web hosting for $100 annual, web hosting package includes unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, PHP, MySQL, FTP access, etc. Contact us for details.

Our competitors typically charge a minimum of $1500, which covers 20 hours of work on a site, then $75 per hour thereafter. Most designers also give a 60 day timetable for completion. Unless a designer is simply plugging your information into a template, no small business web site is done in only 20 hours. Creating a site's page design layout alone can take 20 hours or more. Typically, a five page business site can easily cost $3000 or more.

We guarantee you up to 5 pages, including graphics and SEO optimized, for only $1000.

When your web site is complete and live on the internet, we give you a backup CD of your site, along with all information on your hosting and domain registration so you can renew your domain and registration yourself without assistance from us or other developers. Or we can assist with those routine annual matters (registration & hosting) for a minimal fee.

We also do personal web sites, $100 per page, includes one year of free web hosting. Contact us for details. Visit our Web Site Design and Graphic Art pages for more information about our design service.


Computer Repair

We troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, and build computers in Chicago, over 20 years experience with computer hardware, software, and virus removal. Drop off service only - at our Chicago location. Call for details. See our Computer Services page for more information and pricing, our repair rates are also available in .pdf format here.


Graphic Art

We do any form of vector or raster graphics, for web or print. We do animated .gif and .swf; Flash banner ads, slideshows, videos and photo galleries. Our graphics appear on websites, business cards, business forms and stationary, T-shirts, hats, e-birthday cards, internet forums, and blogs. Visit our Graphic Art page for more information and pricing.


Police and Firemen Discount

WebSites-n-Services offers a "civil servants discount" to police, firemen, and other civil servants. See our Civil Servants Discount page for more information.


Pet Web Sites

WebSites-n-Services designs low cost quality pet web sites in the Chicagoland area.  A pet web site is a site about your beloved pet. Our goal is to make professionally designed pet webs easily affordable for pet lovers. See our Pet Web Sites page for more information and samples.


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